How This Site Works

You can buy items one of two ways:

1) Buy the item at the listed price. This listed price includes shipping to any US destination. We reserve the right to request additional shipping costs if shipping outside the US.

2) You can make an offer on an item and wait for us to reply. Most offers will be responded to within a few hours, sometimes much sooner depending on time of the day (Pacific Time).

The 'Make Offer' process works this way:

a. Click the Make Offer button.  You will be presented with a pop-up box and enter the price you want to pay and hit 'Make Offer'. Please make a serious offer. Offers of 1 cent, or other obviously under-valued offers will be rejected. Once you make an offer, the 'Make Offer' button for that item will be hidden. You cannot make another offer on the same item until the owner has the ability to respond.

b.  The owner will receive your email containing your offer and will take it under consideration. Please keep in mind, other buyers can buy the same item in the interim. There also may be other offers the owner has already received on the same item. Making an offer does not reserve the item for you and can be sold to another buyer at any time.

c. If the owner accepts your offer, you will receive a congratulatory email. The item will then be moved to your shopping cart for you to view and purchase the next time you visit our site.  This action does not reserve your item for you exclusively and can still be sold to another buyer. The item can still be purchased anytime by other buyers until you complete your checkout so you should not wait too long to complete your purchase! You will receive an on screen message that the item is out of stock if you attempt to buy an item that is in your shopping cart and is already sold to a different buyer.

d. If the owner declines your offer, you will receive an email that your offer has been declined. At this time, you can send another, higher offer if you wish. Keep in mind your offer price should include shipping costs.  If the owner has responded but has decided to decline your offer, the Send Offer button will be enabled again at which time a new offer can be submitted.

e. We spend considerable resources authenticating our email server to make sure our email does end up in spam folders. However, certain email systems will still place our email in spam folders, so please check your spam folders if you do get a reply with 24 hours, and approve our email address.

3) DanTheStampMan.Com accepts all credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, or cash. During checkout you will receive instructions for paying by mail. We will hold your item up to 30 days after purchase. If payment is not received in 30 days the sale is cancelled and the item will be put up for sale again. If you need longer than 30 days to pay, contact us.

4) Items normally ship next business day and you will receive a tracking number for the shipment. We keep all customer shipments in a database and can gladly assist if you require help.